K V Prabhakar - Founder

KV is an accomplished money manager with a track record of investing succesfully in the fixed income, equity, currency and commodity markets. He is a respected, well known industry figure in the European asset backed securitization business. He specializes in providing portfolio solutions and services across a range of investment strategies in the fixed income field, including analysing, structuring and pricing assets in the credit, structured finance, asset backed and real estate backed markets.

KV held senior positions in the mortgage backed securities departments at Bear Stearns, Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank in New York before moving in 1998 to London to help start securitization for Deutsche Bank in Europe.

He was the Head of Trading and Syndicate for Securitized Products in Europe/Asia until his departure in 2001.

He then joined Cambridge Place Investment Management (CPIM), a global asset manager specialising in asset backed and real estate investment debt and their derivatives. He was instrumental in setting up the portfolio management operation for CPIM in Europe. KV was based out of the London office as European Chief Investment Officer.

KV has been running Kannepalli Capital since 2008, investing wisely and using his years of insight and experience in the financial markets to preserve and grow the family monies.